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Tan Building

Fancy Some Tan Building? Looking for some Vitamin D?

The sun is not as far away as you may think!

These days it is hard to predict what the English weather will do no matter what time of year, so why not look abroad to the stunning island of Mallorca.

With years of experience and knowledge on the island and with so many budget airlines now travelling to Mallorca you can take your groups abroad at low cost.

In just two and a half hours you will be touching down on one of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque islands with it’s beautiful calas and soaring mountains creating the ultimate backdrop for your event.

We have scoured the island looking for the most interesting and unique venues, hotels, nightspots and attractions that the island has to offer. We would like to say that the island of Mallorca looks like the back of our hand, but we’ve tried and it doesn’t really!

Whether it be a paella cooking competition on the beach, a 4x4 treasure hunt in the mountains or one of our tailor made Sail regatta’s on the sea we have something for everyone leaving your guests with a breathtaking trip they will never forget.

So lets stretch those legs, don your sunglasses, and enjoy some fun in the sun!

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